Do you want to improve efficiency of your sales team?

Zenith provides industry accredited advanced sales training to ambitious companies within the manufacturing sector. Through our bespoke programmes we enhance your sales team to deliver increased quantifiable returns and drive business growth.


Our unique Training programme:

Through our accredited advanced sales training program – specially developed for the North East manufacturing sector, we enhance your sales teams to deliver increased quantifiable returns and drive business growth.

1) Keeping/Developing Business:

  • Build and Retain effective sales relationships
  • Manage sales territories or portfolios

2) Winning Business:

  • Undertake sales presentations and demonstrations
  • Negotiating, handling objections and closing sales

3) Finding Opportunities:

  • Determine selling priorities across a portfolio
  • Monitor and evaluate information for sales planning

4) Professional Development:

  • Promote ethical, legal and professional requirements and development

5) Leveraging Organisation Resources:

  • Obtain and analyse sales related information
  • Using sales technology systems

Why choose Zenith to be your sales training partner?

  • We are the only people offering this qualification in the NE
  • ASP affiliate membership and access to all of their online resources
  • Fully funded in ST
  • Quantifiable impact of the training with university support/evaluation.

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