Three ways to utilise Social Media in your job search

Social Media is always there, it’s there for your mid-day scroll, there when you’re walking your dog, and you probably even reach for the mindless distraction of it when on the toilet. Since its inception, social media has also gotten a pretty bad reputation; all we hear about is creepy people online and how the internet fries your brain with memes and compilations of cats. However, social media isn’t all bad; it can sometimes provide an outlet for creativity and opportunity. Would you ever think of looking for a new job on social media?

While yes, technically, sites like Linkedin are classed as social media, for the average person, it’s probably not the first thing you scroll through on a morning. Social media such as Linkedin are often used with purpose, whether that be to find a job or keep up with your industry throughout the work day. We’re talking the classic Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram- but mainly Facebook.

  1. Check out the Facebook Jobs page and marketplace.

This is your best first port of call for finding a job on social media; businesses utilise these areas of social media to advertise any roles they may have available. Often, jobs posted here will have to include a brief outline of the duties of the job, as well as salary and working hours-sometimes including a link to the business’s website for further information.

  1. Join job boards and groups

Job boards and groups are also good for clear role outlines to be posted; an advantage is that these groups on social media sites such as Facebook can be made especially for your industry. For example, if you are looking for a job in marketing, you could join a group or job board that focuses on marketing in your area. Make a good impression in these groups; this way, social media can become social networking, and many businesses and recruitment agencies also hang around in these groups to lend a helping hand in your job hunt!

  1. Ask your friends

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen individuals post jobs on Facebook for a business they work for; even though these job postings, compared to the others, may not seem like the most professional, they can be a good lead toward a role- word of mouth works. A lot of the time, these jobs are for quick starts.

Regardless of how you choose to find a job on social media, always make sure you clean up your page by erasing any offensive content or anything you would not want a potential employer to see. This doesn’t only mean your personal profile but also any other profiles and pages you have interacted with; with a simple name search, employers can find any post you may have interacted with in the past, even if your personal profile has no connection to it. This may all seem like a lot of effort, but it could be the difference between a job offer and rejection.

Give social media a chance throughout your job hunt! You’d be surprised at the opportunities you may find.