This month, Zenith People’s ‘success story’ spotlight is on Claims Handler Beth Robson, who has received multiple five star reviews from her service users. Beth works for our valued clients Pacifica Group, in the 0800 Repairs department. They have built a fantastic reputation for providing fast response, high fix-rate customer service for major retailers.

Our training team consulted with Pacifica Group to design and deliver a bespoke customer service programme – in support of principal service values – to provide standardised, professional development for employees. Reflecting on first being enrolled on course, Beth admits, “I went into training thinking I didn’t have much room for improvement”. The lack of initial interest was apparent to tutor Andrew Hall (Andy), who recalls, “Beth didn’t seem keen when she came to the first session in January”.

As training progressed, Beth found herself getting more involved in the course and benefiting from the information, advice and guidance given by Andy; she reflects, “I implemented it into my work life and also my personal life”. Expanding on how it impacted her professionally, she adds, “the thing I have taken most from training is how to deal with different customers’ needs; adapting to differences and treating every customer as an individual, instead of every customer as one”. It’s clear that Beth has great respect and appreciation of her tutor, declaring, “I can’t thank Andrew enough for all the help and support he has given me”.

Since completing the programme Beth has been in receipt of outstanding reviews from her customers. In line with her employer’s core value ‘we are experts’, clients praised Beth’s professionalism stating that she, ‘was very helpful and sorted my enquiry in no time’. Others described her approach as, ‘charming’, ‘amazing’, ‘professional’, ‘perfect customer service’ and ‘a credit to [the] team’.

Understandably, Beth’s development has not gone unnoticed by manager Dionne Armstrong, who proudly remarks, “She takes her time to listen to the customer and is being a lot more helpful”. Dionne comments that Beth’s progression has a positive impact on business, explaining, “when customers go and read reviews about our company, [they give] a positive image”.

Beth’s achievement has been particularly notable, but Andy has further praise for employees on programme, humbly informing, “there have been others receiving great reviews since completing the course”. Pleased with the overall outcome, he adds, “Hopefully the group take on board all of the things we discussed and continue to improve their performance, receiving positive feedback from managers, colleagues and customers”.

We are very proud of Beth and the journey she has taken on programme. Her success story is an example of what inspires Zenith People to work with local business in support of training and development. Beth gets a five star “well done!” from us and we are certain it won’t be her last.