You’ve been through the process of researching, applying and interviewing for a number of jobs and you’ve eventually been offered the position you wanted.

Congratulations! Now what?

Before you jump the gun and accept the offer straight away, make sure you do the following to ensure you don’t give up your negotiating power when accepting the role.

Thank the employer

Start by thanking the person who made you the offer. This can be done on the phone, via email or by sending them a letter. If you need time to consider the job offer, ask the employer when they need to have your decision by, presuming that they haven’t made this clear within the offer itself. By taking some time to do this, you’re showing the potential employer that you’re enthusiastic about the role.

Ask for the offer in writing

The next step will be to ask the employer to put the offer in writing. This ‘job offer’ letter should include the name of the job position, a potential start date, the salary and details about any company benefits. This will give you the chance to review all of the details properly and also makes the offer official.
If there is anything you’re concerned about, or you wish to negotiate the salary, now is your chance to do so.

Confirm everything & accept the offer the right way

You’ve received your offer in writing, you understand everything about the position and you’re ready to accept. When accepting the job, make sure you reiterate everything you understand about the position to them in your acceptance, as there could be something you’ve missed, or similarly something the employer has failed to mention.

Lastly, be sure to ask about the next steps. Is there any paperwork that you should start on? What time should you arrive on the day you start? How can you prepare for your first day? This will not only give you some clarity on what to expect on your first day, but it will show the employer that your being proactive and you’re genuinely excited about commencing employment with the company.