A Day in the life of a Multiskilled Maintenance Technician

We believe transparency is key, its important to go into a new role knowing the best you can what your day will look like. Below is a taste of a day in the life of an MSMT (Multiskilled Maintenance Technician) for Energizer, read about what a Multiskilled Maintenance Technician gets up to day to day at Energizer!

As a MSMT (Multiskilled Maintenance Technician) for Energizer, a typical day with an in person handover with the previous Shift Technicians then carrying out a pre-shift TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) tasks on the Production equipment. This is followed by a meeting with the Production Supervisor  to go through any priorities for the day and discuss any issues that have arisen in the process wise.

Here at Energizer, the Maintenance Team work collaboratively with the Production Team and its a joint effort between both departments to ensure that the plant runs smoothly. I work closely with the Production Operatives, carrying out TPM, PPM, and Reactive tasks to ensure we get through the next 12 hours successfully.

Next, we review the electronic reporting system which logs all previous breakdowns and what the rectification methods were. When the processes are settled, I’ll log into the Computerized Maintenance Management System to review the Planned Maintenance for the week ahead. I’ll check for the week ahead. I’ll check the Kan Ban stock levels and agree with the Production Supervisor when the maintenance tasks can be carried out.

We Manufacture small, light components at fast production speeds so there is a lot of machine setting, fine adjustment, and cleaning and polishing to reduce small stoppages and ensure production and quality targets are achieved.

As a team, we’re always looking at opportunities and different ways to continuously improve by working together with the Engineering and Quality departments.