Why choose us?

The Zenith People brand is underpinned by several characteristics which help us adapt our business processes to suit our Clients needs. At Zenith we are:

Bright People
We are experts in the sectors in which we work which means our consultants understand any technical requirements you may have.

Flexible People
We make an effort to get to know your business and appreciate how it works so we can adapt our process accordingly. Because we are a small, dynamic company we have flexible costs and can work in partnership to tailor a bespoke recruitment service specifically for your organisation’s needs.

Thorough People
We interview every candidate face to face before we ask you to consider them so we know their skills, experience and personality are right for your business.

Fair People
Our service carries guarantees so that you have peace of mind in all your dealings with us.

Friendly People
We are not a hard sell company so you won’t find us cold calling your office every day.

Helpful People
We know your recruitment needs are versatile and may arise at any moment, so a member of our team is always available to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Client testimonials 


“Having worked with Zenith at previous organisations I was confident that they could support us on a number of fronts; A new customer and product was being developed which required a fast intake of good quality candidates, this was completed in a timely manner with a comprehensive selection process helping to produce results. Additionally, an external training program and associated funding was only made possible due to the support and input of the Zenith team. Overall a very positive experience.”

Gordon Ramsey
Manufacturing Manager
Tharsus Vision




“At Essentra Filter Products we have incredibly high standards and tall targets to meet on a daily basis. Zenith People have played a fundamental part in helping us achieve these standards and targets. We have worked with each other for past three years and have a fantastic working relationship, with Zenith People delivering a number of bespoke services which have never yet failed to surpass our expectations.”

Simon Thomas
HR Manager
Essentra Filter Products




“Mission Foods and Zenith People having been working together for over four years now and I can safely say that they have provided us with an excellent service both for temporary and permanent staff. A huge advantage to working with Zenith is that they understand our business, our operations and also some of their staff have worked in industry, which gives them an edge over competitors.”

Stacey Jackson
HR Officer
Mission Foods