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Zenith People offer advice to the next generation

An event took place at St James Park in early January which gave students the chance to test their interview and application skills ahead of leaving school and carrying on into the world of work.

The event, organised by Whitley Bay High School and North Tyneside Council, allowed students to apply for jobs which they may be interested in after they complete their qualifications.


Alan Metcalfe interviewing a student


Students were then interviewed to a job specification by volunteers from the local business community. Volunteers included Zenith People, HMRC, Tesco Bank, and Chirton Engineering amongst others.

Interviews revolved around company knowledge, role expectations, hobbies and interests, strengths and weaknesses and other soft skill questions.

Alan Metcalfe, who conducted the interviews on behalf of Zenith People, commented:

‘The general feedback I’ve received from other interviewers regarding the standard of young people and their potential has been excellent. There is a lot of bad press about the youth of today but I have to say I have been nothing but impressed with what I’ve seen and heard.’

‘I’m confident their general attitude coupled with their experiences from this event will stand them in good stead on whichever path they choose after completing their education.’.


Prizes being awarded


Those students who performed particularly well and were ‘successful’ in their interviews were awarded prizes to recognise their efforts.

Mr Metcalfe continued ‘It was great for Zenith People to be involved in such an event, as professional recruiters it’s always nice to pass on our experience and I look forward to being involved in similar events in the future’.


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