On Friday 23rd November, I had the pleasure of being invited along to Mediaworks to celebrate the opening of their brand-new offices!

Situated at the Honeycomb on the banks of the Tyne with fantastic views over the river, it is a move which has been months in the making, but one which has been necessary due to the huge success of the business, and their short- and longer-term growth plans.

Founded in 2007 and having built their reputation to recently being voted the Number 1 independent agency in the North East, and 37th throughout the UK in The Drum Top 100 Independent Agency Census 2018 (www.thedrum.com/lists/top-100-independent-agencies), you could be forgiven in thinking that would be enough for them, but no. The previous premises in Team Valley, allowed Mediaworks to work alongside some of the very best businesses in the North East, Yorkshire and Scotland and to grow the organisation to what they are today, and with new, larger premises there is now the capability of more to come.

The move, in location puts them in a prime spot for all transport connections. Being just a short distance from the A1 and with ample parking, on the doorstep of the MetroCentre Train Station, and a short trip from the Airport, means the Mediaworks team are perfectly placed to enable their clients to have fantastic access to them, and to attract new talent who are looking to join a thriving organisation.

As you approach the building itself the size immediately reflects the scaling up of the business, and the statement of intent they have, for further growth. The new offices give them the capability to expand numbers to at least double what they have now, and with the potential to develop office space to up to 20,000 sq ft, the opportunities are endless. As you go up the stairs to the second floor and walk into the reception area you are hit with a welcoming and open space which for any prospective client or visitor, is an immediate positive impression.

“As we continue our growth and keep looking for new business to help us reach our existing targets, it’s important to have a space that accommodates this and enable us to continue our development. The move to Honeycomb at The Watermark gives us that and it’s certainly exciting times ahead for everyone involved with Mediaworks”. – Managing Director, Brett Jacobson

Even though this was an office opening and spirits were high the welcome you receive and the engaging atmosphere that is created is something which I think is the norm, and reflective of the business. Walking in past the reception you can’t help but notice straight away, the size and inviting space, with rows of desks as well as modern and tasteful décor that tells you they are taking things to the next level.

It is difficult to get excited about an office building, but walking round Mediaworks is fantastic! They have dedicated areas for each part of their team, from sales and marketing to development, with every detail thought of. Care and attention have gone into everything, with the most impressive aspect, their new 80+ seater auditorium, allowing their teams to deliver expert industry and marketing advice, including their monthly Masterclasses, which previously would have been help offsite. Further additions to the new HQ include a brand-spanking new social space that allows everyone to take a break from their digital platforms and unwind. On that evening like any “house party” everyone seemed to gravitate towards the kitchen (breakout area).
Maybe it was the fact they had an open bar of drinks set up, or the fact the area is so large, bright and inviting that everyone wanted to be in it.

Everything has been scaled up. As well as a space that will impress any existing or perspective client, I think it will give extra impetus to the workforce, for them to know that the company is investing in the future and showing them that they are part of the next level of growth. From speaking to the business leaders and also to many of the staff on the night, you can tell from the way everyone talks about Mediaworks and their new surroundings, that they are all very proud of what they have achieved and of who they represent.

With the afternoon coming to a close and a few drinks flowing it is safe to say that Mediaworks did a fantastic job in showcasing their new premises and also their magnetic culture to everyone in attendance. The Honeycomb offices are reflective of them as a business and the people who work there, bright, engaging and professional!! On to the next 10 years…!