Hello , and welcome to the first of my IT and Digital Newsletters for the North East. I head up the IT & Digital Recruiter for Zenith People. I am looking to provide monthly newsletters to serve in giving an overview and my perspective on what is happening within the North East. From the good work and success stories in the region, how the market is developing, what maybe is not working so well, what networks and events are coming up and general IT and Digital information that hopefully you will find useful.


The North East IT & Digital Sector.. my outlook
It has been 8 months since I moved back to the North East to join Zenith People, heading up their IT offering across the region, Being able to envelope myself within the Digital and IT market has been hugely exciting and I have taken my time sussing out how the sector differs from where I have worked in the past, to know what established businesses are here, what networks are set up and some of the issues that exist in the market.

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New company, new start, great future

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of being invited to meet Michelle Crosby (Digital Transformation and Applications Lead) and Jenna Ingoe (Community and Diversity Lead) for DXC Technology on Cobalt Business Park.

Now when I go to, or indeed host meetings it is usually in a board room, get out the notepads and let’s talk, but not this meeting. On arrival I was greeted with a warm welcome at the front desk, asked if I wanted a cup of coffee and sat in a very open and airy reception area. Michelle and Jenna came to meet me, and from the very second I shook their hands, they were so engaging and so enthusiastic, a reflection on the business itself as I would find out. They then took me through into the Digital Transformation Centre, my pre-conceived impressions were that it would be like many other large technology companies, desks of computers, masses of data, an open office with everyone behind a screen working away. This may sound a bit left field, and is meant in the loosest terms possible, but I am still not sure if DXC have a computer.

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Moving on up

Digital Marketing Agency, Mediaworks are about to uproot and move to brand new premises at he end of this month. The company has been operating out of Team Valley since 2007 and due to rapid expansion are moving to a larger site.

Keep Reading.. https://bdaily.co.uk/articles/2018/08/14/digital-agency-to-relocate-90-strong-team-to-honeycomb-gateshead


Many thanks
Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the first edition.

December’s Newsletter will be coming out the same time next month including some news and information on the new PROTO site in Gateshead and also more on Mediaworks up and coming move. If there is anything you would like to see on here or any content you may have please let me know.


Upcoming Events

Next month I will be attending Techfast at PROTO. It looks like it will be a great event. Please see below for all the details and I hope to see you there.