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Health Kick starts with Thirsty Thursday…

Regular readers will remember that a few months back we had joined the South Tyneside Workplace Health Alliance last year and are in the process of working towards the Bronze Award.

Last month Zenith and Rising Star introduced Thirsty Thursdays in both offices asking staff members to swap their usual coffee, tea and fizzy pop, for healthier, alternative refreshments. Our Health Alliance advocates Nicola Jeavons, Danni Appleton and Katie Shippen organised the event and provided staff members with fruity mocktails and bottles of water, with the hope that staff members would embrace the healthier alternatives.

Zenith People Managing Director, Angela Anderson said: “We’ve committed to this initiative as we believe it’s important to promote health and well-being within the work place and it’s our responsibility as an employer to provide information, guidance, access to services and general support to everyone in the team in this regard wherever we can.

We’ve mapped out more Health related events in the coming months, so keep an eye here or on our social media channels for updates!