A wise choice for recruitment…

Zenith People is currently assisting a huge recruitment drive for a Business Energy Solutions company. Utilitywise is the UK’S leading energy and water consultancy providing a wide range of solutions to businesses to help them save money, reduce their energy consumption and ultimately support their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. Established in 2006, with

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A day in the life of Paul Brown

We may be in the midst of coming to terms with the dark evenings and preparing ourselves for winter but we’ve got something for you that will definitely bring back a bit of light back to your day. This month we focus on Recruitment Operations Manager, Paul Brown. Paul has been with Zenith since November

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Another step closer

The North East’s push for greater devolution powers gained fresh impetus recently as the chancellor signed two deals that will see an influx of money into the region. Over the next 30 years £1.35 billion will be handed over to the NE Combined Authority, to cover employment and skills, transport, planning and business activity, as well

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